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PhD Thesis

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"Observational  Consequences of Unstable Stellar Interiors"

Front Cover PhD Thesis

Life is possible because, besides hydrogen, stars have produced - and continue to synthesize - all of the elements of which we and all living things are composed. To understand the details of this process, which is called stellar nucleosynthesis, requires to study the life cycle of the stars, their evolution. It is possible to explore the evolution of stars using modern computers, which run codes including what we think are the most important physical effects. In this thesis, state-of-the-art computer simulations of stars have been performed. These calculations include processes that have been recognized to be important for the evolution of stars, like binary interactions, rotation, magnetic fields, thermohaline mixing and pair creation. This results in dramatic changes for the evolution of stars. Most of the physical processes discussed in the thesis tend to destabilize the stellar interior, and we tried to focus on the observable effects of their inclusion, that is the ``Observational consequences of unstable stellar interiors''.

I defended on the 6th of November 2009 at the Academic Building of Utrecht University. Here you can download my thesis as a PDF.