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Curriculum Vitae

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Fast learner, analytical thinker and independent problem solver. Creative and curious. Able to quickly develop new skills and to adapt easily to new environments. Developed strong skills in organizing, writing and public speaking. Interested in multi disciplinary approach to research.

Current Position

  • KITP Associate Specialist - Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of California Santa Barbara (USA)

Previous Positions

  • Argelander Fellow - Argelander Institute for Astronomy, Bonn (Germany)


  • PhD, Astrophysics - Advisor N.Langer - Utrecht University 2009
  • Master of Science, Astrophysics - Advisor S.N.Shore - Pisa University 2005
  • Bachelor of Science, Physics - Advisor R.Poggiani - Pisa University 2003

Teaching Experience

I have teaching experience, both as a T.A. (2006-2009) and as a Lecturer (2010-2011). I have an enthusiastic approach and enjoy teaching in an interacting way. So far this led to a very positive feedback from the students. In 2009 I completed a course in scientific communication organized by Utrecht University. I have also been lecturing highschool students, both in the Netherlands and in the USA. I enjoy giving talks to different audiences, and I've been talking about stars to crowds as diverse as the members of the Rotary Club in Italy and attendants of the "Burning Man" festival in Nevada.

Stellar Evolution - Guest Lecturer, UCSB 2011
Hydrodynamics - Bonn 2010, 2011 
Stellar Evolution - Utrecht 2008
Nucleosynthesis - Utrecht 2007
General Relativity in Astrophysics - Utrecht 2006

Awards & Grants

Scialog Fellow 2015 Research Corporation for Science Advancement

PI in successful TCAN proposal: SPIDER (Supernova Progenitor, Internal Dynamics and Evolution) Network 1.5M$ NASA funding (3 years).

Winner of "Barlettani" Prize 2012. Rotary and Lions club, Italy

Co-I in successful CONICYT-DFG proposal (“Magnetic fields of massive stars and their compact remnants”, PI Reisenegger)
Co-I in successful cycle 19 HST proposal ("The Connection Between CSPN and OB Star Wind Variability", PI Massa)
Co-I in successful cycle 13 CHANDRA proposal ("V1309 Sco: The First Directly Observed Merging Binary", PI Rappaport)                                               

PI in successful HPC-Europa2 proposal: Granted computing time at CSC supercomputing facility (IT Center for SCience, Finland) through the Transnational High Performance Computing program "HPC-Europa2".

Highlighted paper in A&A - Vol.529 2011
NORDITA Fellowship 2011 - Declined
Argelander Fellowship 2010
Cover illustration for A&A - Vol.499 2009
Highlighted paper in A&A - Vol.499 2009
Poster Prize - Utrecht Science Day 2008
Poster Prize - NAC Conference 2007
Cover illustration for A&A - Vol.465 2007
Highlighted paper in A&A - Vol.465 2007
Scholarship from Regional Government of Tuscany 1998-2005

Several travel grants, among which IAU (International Astronomical Union) and LKBF (Leids Kerkhoven Bosscha Fonds) during the period 2005-2011

Computer Skills

Languages & Software: Fortran, C, Python, Perl, IDL
Codes of astrophysical interest: 1D Hydrodynamic Stellar Evolution Code (Binary
Evolution Code, MESA
), 1D Stellar Evolution Code (Twin), 3D MHD Code (Pencil Code)


Referee for Astronomy & Astrophysics (since 2010), The Astrophysical Journal (since 2011) and Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (since 2011)

Selected Talks

- Current challenges for modeling red giant stars- Invited talk at Kepler asteroseismic science conference, Sydney (Australia) 2013
- Pulsations and magnetic fields in massive stars- Invited talk at IAU General Assembly, SpS 13, Beijing (China) 2012
- Long GRBs progenitors throughout cosmological time - Seminar at Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Univers, Tokyo (Japan) 2012
- Long GRBs progenitors throughout cosmological time - Seminar at Center for Astrophysics, Harvard (USA) 2012
- Near-surface Convection in Massive Stars - Invited talk at "Asteroseismology in the Space Age", Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics - UCSB (USA) 2011
V1309 Scorpii: Merger and Outcomes - PTF Sedgwick Meeting - Sedgwick (USA) 2011
Turbulence and magnetic spots at the surface of hot massive stars - Invited seminar at Geneve Observatory - Geneve (Switzerland) 2011
Turbulence and magnetic spots at the surface of hot massive stars - Invited seminar at Bamberg Observatory - Bamberg (Germany) 2010
Turbulence and magnetic spots at the surface of hot massive stars - University of Arizona's theoretical astrophysics program colloquium - Tucson (USA) 2010
Turbulence and magnetic spots at the surface of hot massive stars - Talk at IAUS 273 "Physics of Sun and Starspots" - Ventura (USA) 2010
Sub-surface convection in OB stars - Talk at IAUS 272 "Active OB Stars" - Paris (France) 2010
Pulsation-Driven Super-Winds in Red Supergiants - Paris (France) 2010
Thermohaline mixing in low mass stars - Saga Seminar at MPA - Garching (Germany) 2009
Pulsational instability in massive stars - Talk at IAU General Assembly - Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) 2009
Observable consequences of sub-surface convection - Colloquium talk at STScI - Baltimore (USA) 2008
On the origin of microturbulence in hot, massive stars - Liège (Belgium) 2008
Binary star progenitors of long gamma-ray bursts - Invited talk at SNe&GRBs Workshop - Darjeeling (India) 2008
Thermohaline mixing in red giants - Talk at IAUS 252 "The art of modelling stars in the 21st century" - Sanya (China) 2008
Rotating massive stars - Talk at the Dwingeloo Astrophysics School - Dwingeloo (Netherlands) 2006

Language Skills

  • Italian - mother tongue
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German (Beginner)
  • Portuguese (after a few caipirinhas)

List of Publications

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